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Vol. 18 (2013) p. 73-80



The non-destructive testing for detecting structural damage at the earliest possible stage is significant in the safe and long life operation of large marine structure such as ships. In the non-destructive testing, the variation in structural characteristics from the original one to the damaged one is used to identify the damage. Vibration characteristic is one of the most popular criteria used for it due to its sensitivity for the structural damage. In this paper, a damage identification method used in non-destructive testing is proposed based on topology optimization focusing on the difference of eigenfrequency between the original structure and the damaged one. Eigenfrequency analysis of a structure is considered. A inimization of the least squared error between the eigenfrequency of the damaged structure and the target eigenfrequency is set as an objective function. An optimization algorithm is constructed based on the topology optimization and the method of moving asymptotes (MMA). The validity and the usefulness of the proposed method is confirmed by several numerical examples.

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