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Vol. 19 (2014) p. 111-121



Generally, the finite element method is used in the initial design stage of large-scale structures such as ships. These FEM models tend to be made by shell element because they are usually composed by plate members. However, actually, the stress distribution at the joint of structural components is quite different from the stress distribution which can be obtained by shell element. Therefore, it is desired that 3-dimensional solid elements are used for the joint. However, it is difficult to use solid element for FEM models with fine mesh in the initial design stage because it costs a lot of time in modeling and analyzing. Then, it aims to obtain the complex stress distribution of the joint of structural components at the cost equivalent to the analysis by beam and shell elements. In this study, the new elements which enable to evaluate the stress of the joint of structural components were created with low calculation cost. Then, the good results were veri ed when these elements were applied to some examples.

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