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The 17th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Ergonomics 2015
2C2-2 Modelling of the Auditory Satisfaction Function for the Automobile Door Opening Quality
Wonjoon KimTaebeum RyuYushin LeeDonggun ParkMyung Hwan Yun
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2015 Volume 51 Issue Supplement Pages S478-S483


This study aims to determine the affective response that occurs when the driver listens to door opening sound of vehicles by analyzing the relationship of sound parameters and the affective satisfaction. For the purpose of this study, we conducted an experiment with 26 vehicles and 30 subjects. The subjects evaluated the door opening sounds of the vehicles on affective satisfaction by answering a standard affective evaluation. Through multiple regression analysis, the result of evaluation was utilized to create a model that can presume the satisfaction of door opening sound. As the result of the regression analysis, ‘SharpnessZ', ‘Short-term loudness', and ‘Roughness' turned out to be the sound parameters that have significant impact on improving the satisfaction of vehicle door opening sound. Moreover, the affective adjectives ‘Unstable', ‘Quiet', and ‘Clear' were confirmed to be the affective variables that influence the auditory satisfaction in the door opening quality. Through statistical analysis on the satisfaction of the opening sounds, we expect that a satisfaction model of vehicle door opening sounds can be developed based on the auditory parameters and the affective adjectives of vehicle door opening quality—to further aid designing procedure of vehicle door opening quality for improving affective satisfaction.

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