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Vol. 72 (2017) No. 1 p. 38-42



ミニ特集 環境毒性学クロストーク―分子から集団・社会まで―

The inner ears contain the organ of Corti, vestibule and semicircular canal. The organ of Corti is crucial for hearing, while the vestibule and semicircular canal play important roles in maintaining balance. Exposure to noise at excessive levels is known to cause damages of the inner ears, resulting in noise-induced hearing loss. On the other hand, noise levels (dB) are used for the evaluation of health risks by exposure to noise, although noise consists of sound with broad frequencies (Hz). Thus, information about the frequency-dependent effect of noise on health is largely unknown. In this review, we first introduce noise-induced hearing loss caused by exposure to audible noise. We then describe the imbalance in mice exposed to low-frequency noise (100 Hz).

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