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Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi (Japanese Journal of Hygiene)
Vol. 18 (1963-1964) No. 3 P 257-267



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From the light of the foregoing, the aborigines including Peipofan are the first race in Formosa scattered on the outset, around the entire Island. Until recently, they practise the primitive scale of life, preserve what it is in the great nature. They received protection from various stages of Authorities. But due to the fact of environment or background and the struggle of existence with the Chinese race they were forced confine into a certain spots behind mountains that made their economics. education, and health aspect in a backward phenomenon and the population rather undeveloped. The aborigines, however, are a fine race especially of their speeches, music and physical training in which they have superior abilities, the social constituents as well. They possess good customs and traits. We should therefore sympathize and encourage them to uphold whatever they have of their own pride, and culture until the prosperity would approach upon and equality would prevail among them, so that to build up their healthy and beloved country and the well-being of mankind.

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