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Further additions to “A list of the fishes collected in the Province of Echigo, including Sado Island” (I)
Yoshiharu HONMA
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1955 Volume 4 Issue 4-6 Pages 212-217


In this note the present author has annotated on twelve unrecorded species of fishes with brief descriptions, to be included into the ichthyofauna of Echigo and Sado, Japan, and two species which are thought to be omitted from the ichthyofauna of this region.
1. Among the fishes to be added herein, there are two kinds of remarkable and rare subtropical fishes, which are young Diproprion bifasciatus and medium sized Therapon theraps. It should be mentionel that Sado and its neighbouring region are northern limit for their occurrence. The counts and measurements of the specimens of these two species are as follows: -
(1) Diploprion bifasciatus KUHR et VAN HASSELT
Total length 39.8mm, body length 30.5. Head 2.5 in body length; depth 2.3; snout 2.7 in head; eye 3.6. D. VIII, 15; V I, 5 and A II, 12. Second and third dorsal spines remarkably filamentous, whose length 38 and 63mm as measured to tip of filament respectively. Body strongly compressed laterally, color generally yellowish white (Fig.1).
(2) Therapon theraps CUVIER et VALENCIENNES
Total length 132, body length 108. Head 3.2 in body length; depth 2.3; snout 3.5 in head; eye 3.6. D. XII, 10; V. I, 5 and A. III, 8; with a strong opercular spine. Four straight longitudinal dark bands running lateral body, and a blackish blotch lying from third to seventh dorsal spines. Lower jaw protrude somewhat beyond upper jaw. This species is unrecorded form from the western coast of Honshu, Japan Sea (Fig.2).
2. Two rare boreal or deep-sea fishes of central Japan, which are referable to the families Cottidae and Zoarcidae respectively, were found in the Sado Channel. These were reported as new species from Toyama Bay by MATSUBARA (formerly SAKAMOTO) and KATAYAMA respectively. They are: -
(1) Marukawichthys amburator SAKAMOTO, 1931
Two specimens, body length about 160, collected by the Japan Sea Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory.
(2) Petroschmidtia toyamensis KATAYAMA, 1941
One specimen, total length 313, collected by the Japan Sea Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory.
3. A scorpaenoid fish, Sebastes matsubarai HILGENDORF and an ophidioid fish, Lycogramma zesta (JORDAN et FOWLER) are thought to be excluded from his former list.

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