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Screening Examination of Trichophyton tonsurans among Judo Practitioners at the All Japan Inter High School Championships, Saga 2007
Hidekazu ShinodaKatsutaro NishimotoTakashi Mochizuki
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2008 Volume 49 Issue 4 Pages 305-309


This paper presents the results of an examination for Trichophyton tonsurans(T. tonsurans)performed by the hairbrush(HB; 90 bristles)method at the All Japan Inter High School Championships, Saga 2007. Samples were taken from 487 Judo practitioners(265 males and 222 females)out of a total of 951. The areas with the highest positive rates were: Kyushu 21%(15 participants out of 73 sampled), Tohoku 17%(13 out of 77), Kinki 16%(14 out of 89), and Chubu 13%(12 out of 89). Four participants from Kyushu, four from Tohoku, two from Kinki, and two from Chubu were strongly positive carriers, their samples developing more than 30 colonies per dish. This finding is in concordance with the high HB-positive rates in these areas. The results of a questionnaire distributed during sampling showed that 90% of the examinees had heard of T. tonsurans infection, 11% had been sampled by the HB method previously, and 37% declined to receive the results of the medical examination. The low percentage of participants who had experienced a HB sampling before could be explained by the insufficient penetration of this test among dermatologists, as well as by the fact that team trainers are reluctant to expose their athletes to sampling. Although trainers' education concerning T. tonsurans is also an important factor, we strongly recommend that dermatologists take the initiative to perform medical examinations such as HB sampling in schools or at other public organizations. As for the reason why so many practitioners refused to be informed about the diagnosis, many of them mentioned being afraid that it might be overheard by trainers or fellow practitioners. It can be easily inferred that this type of concern leads Judo practitioners to avoid participation in sampling. Therefore, we concluded that substantial care to protect personal information is essential when communicating the results of the examination.

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