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The First Breeding Record of the Siskin Carduelis spinus from Honshu, Japan
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1985 Volume 34 Issue 2-3 Pages 66-67


Siskins Carduelis spinus are winter visitors to Japan, but it is presumed that summer records refer to a small breeding population in Hokkaido and in northern Honshu, although until now breeding has not been proven in Honshu. On May 6, 1985 I found a nest with two nestlings just before fledging on a ceder tree in Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori Pref., in northernmost Honshu. The nest, made of cedar bark and 7cm in outer diameter, was on a twig covered with foliage, 4.5m above the ground. The nestlings were fed 5 times between 11:10 and 18:00 by the female alone. These nestlings made trial flight, called, moved around in the nest, and then crouched. After they had left the nest, I inspected it and found that the bottom of the nest was clean, but around the edge of the nest some white droppings were left.

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