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The effect of hemorrhagic acute anemia on wound healing
Influence of serum transfusion
Hitoshi KUNO
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1985 Volume 31 Issue 9 Pages 2049-2061


This experiment was conducted to examine hemorrhagic acute anemia effects on wound healing, in particular the influence of serum transfusion. Rabbits weighing 900 to 1, 100g were the subjects. Open wounds of 1cm in diameter was produced on the back skin for examining reduction of the wounded area, mean duration of wound healing, histological findings and mitotic index.
The subjects were divided into 3 groups: acute anemia group (Bleeding of 25ml/kg body weight), serum transfusion group (after the collection of blood, serum separated from blood was transfused), and non-bleeding control group.
All groups showed a similar course of reduction in the wounded areas, but differed in period of rapid reduction in the wounded areas. In control and serum transfusion groups, the period was between the 7th day and 9th day, whereas it was between 8th to 10th day in acute anemia group.
The mean durations of wound healing were for 10.75 days in control group, 10.95 days in serum transfusion group, and 12.10 days in acute anemia group.
Histological findings revealed that wound healing was delayed 1 or 2 days in the acute anemia group when compared to control and serum transfusion groups. The mitotic index showed maximum on the 2nd day, gradually decreased from the 4th day and returned to normal range on the 10th day in control group. In the serum transfusion group, maximum level was obtained on the 4th day, gradually decreased from the 5th day, and returned to normal range on the 10th day. On the other hand, the acute anemia group maximum level was obtained on the 2nd day but the level was lower than that of control or serum transfusion groups, and decreased gradually from the 6th day but did not return to normal range on the 10th day.
Hemorrhagic acute anemia induced delay of wound healing, which was markedly improved by treatment with serum transfusion.

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