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Establishment of a Test Battery for Fundamental Motor Ability and Its Score (FMAS) : For senior high school girls
Eitaro NakamuraYoshiyuki MatsuuraAiko Yoshida
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1972 Volume 17 Issue 2 Pages 81-88


The establishment of the test battery for fundamental motor abilty and the formula for its score were attempted in this paper. Then, twenty nine test item's were picked out from the eight areas of motor ability : (1) physique, (2) muscular strength, (3) power, (4) agility, (5) endurance, (6) flexibility, (7) speed, and (8) balance. The validity of the selected test items has been tested to be usable to measure such areas of motor ability by many investigators. Then, principal factor analysis was applied to the correlation matrix which was computed with the data of twenty nine test variables, which were obtained with 278 senior high school girls. And the first principal factor was interpreted as fundamental motor ability, and then, Harman's short method was applied to construct the linear formula for estimating FMAS ; fundamental motor ability score. The results were as follows ; 1. Twelve kinds of test battery were constructed, and taking account of the validity and the practicality, it may be concluded that the test battery, consisted of shot put (X_1), standing broad jump (X_2), running broad jump (X_3), shuttle run (X_4), 5Om dash (X_5) and single leg jumping endurance (X_6), was recommended for use. 2. Formula for estimating fundamental motor ability score was as follow ; FMAS=0.014X_1+0.08X_2+0.06X_3-2.4X_4-2.5X_5+0.15X_6+42 The validity of FMAS was tested to be high from the two standpoints; (1) Whether sports team members could be discriminated from nonteam members by FMAS, (2) Whether significance defference in FMAS avarage between team members and non-team could be founded. It was concluded that the formula of FMAS was useful for discrimination of fundamental motor ability. In order to investigate the constituents of fundamental motor ability factors, multiple cerrelation between factor score and test items was discussed. Then, it was found that power, agility, speed and strength had high amounts of contribution to that factor.

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