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Relationships Between Individual Differences in Static Strength and "Strengths" in Action
Leon E. Smith
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1972 Volume 17 Issue 2 Pages 97-103


Most experimental findings have supported Henry's princip1e of specificity relative to the predominantely low relationships which have been found between individual differences in the performance of motor skills. Is it possible that the low correlations which have been previously reported in the literature between speed of movement (strength in action) and static (isometric) strength may be misleading in that these low relationships may not also apply to more dynamic types of strength? The question posed is there a higher generality of relationship associated with dynamic strength in action and speed of movement as compared to the relationship between static strength and speed of movement? Therfore in addition to studying the relationship between speed of movement and static strength additional dynamic strength tests were included in the study namely, impact strength, impulse strength, and two types of power strength.

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