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Vol. 88 (2017) No. 2 p. 191-196




The present study examined the correlations between formal help-seeking attitudes/intentions and actual help-seeking behavior for psychological problems. Initially, I assessed university students’ attitudes and intentions to seek help, as well as their prior experience of seeking help from five formal sources of help (Time 1: N = 707). Actual help-seeking behavior was assessed four weeks after Time 1 to determine the correlations between help-seeking attitudes/intentions and behavior (Time 2: N = 412). The results revealed that for four out of five formal sources of help, help-seeking intentions were weakly correlated with help-seeking behavior (r = .11–.22). Although help-seeking attitudes did not significantly predict help-seeking behavior, intentions were positively correlated with help-seeking attitudes (r = .23–.34). I discuss future directions for measurement of help-seeking behaviors.

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