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Vol. 63 (1992-1993) No. 5 P 310-318



The purpose of this study is to develop a school stressor scale from the events experienced frequently by junior high school students in their daily school life, and to examine the relationship between school stressors and stress responses. In study I, factor analysis of data by 552 students revealed four main factors “teacher”, “friend”, “club activity”, and “study”, which were extracted from initial set of 72 items. In study II, factor analysis of 50 items, of which 39 items were extracted in study I, and 11 new items of free-description type, of data by 622 students, revealed that main stressors in junior high school were following six, “teacher”, “friend”, “club activity”, “study”, “rule”, and “ofcial activity”. Furthermore, multiple regression analyses revealed that “friend” strikingly correlated with “depressive-anxious emotion” and “study” did with “cognition-thought of helplessness”.

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