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Development of New Welding Spatter Adhesion Preventive Agent made of Water and Foodstuffs
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2015 Volume 15 Issue 1 Pages 38-44


   The Shielded metal arc welding is mostly popular for fused injection method of metal to metal. The spatter particle of various sizes appears during the metal arc welding, and then adheres so strongly on the surface of welded plate. In general, the commercial spatter adhesion preventive agent is coated on the surface of plate before welding. However, the agent from artificial organic synthesis has several problem, such as influence of global environmental and human health, stink and expensive. The purpose of this study is to develop the new welding spatter adhesion preventive agent made of water, flour powder and honey, which brings the environmental merit, no stink and low cost. Effective contents among water, flour and honey was confirmed by sensory evaluation test and experimental observation after welding. The results of tensile inspection test of a butt welded specimen of SS400 and hydrogen analysis by JIS Z3118 satisfied welded strength and the reliability of welding. Anti-adhesive mechanism was discussed based on heat characteristics and observation of boundary between spatter and surface of welded plate. Another combinations as grain or starch powder and syrup with spatter anti-adhesive effect were also described.

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