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Studies on the Vein-yellowing of Leaves in Grapes
II. On the Vein-yellowing as Induced by Copper Taken through Roots
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1975 Volume 43 Issue 4 Pages 399-405


Further experiment was conducted with Campbell′s Early grape to elucidate the effect of copper taken through roots on the vein-yellowing of leaves at the basal part of shoots.
1. Vein-yellowing of leaves was observed on the rooted cuttings of the grape treated with 50 to 2000ppm copper sulfate solutions. The symptom appeared earlier and more distinctly with increasing concentration of copper sulfate. But, when cultured with 0.1% KH2PO4 solution before the copper sulfate treatment, the vein-vein-yellowing decreased eased in developing rate and become less distinct.
2. The existence of copper surrounding the vascular bundle was clearly shown by staining with Diphenyl Carbazide solution in cross sections of the yellowed vein induced by the above treatment with 1000ppm copper salfate solution.
3. When the 6-year-old vines planted in the pots were submerged at the root zone after application of copper sulfate powder to the soil, the veins of leaves at the basal part of shoots turned yellow distinctly. From the result of leaf analysis, it was revealed that they contained more Cu and sometimes more Mn and Fe than the non-treated vines. Moreover, they contained less P, showing a lower ratio of P to Cu.

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