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Interform Variation of the Proliferation, Organogenesis and Effects of Growth Regulating Substances on Cymbidium Protocorms Cultured in vitro
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1980 Volume 48 Issue 4 Pages 510-518


New shoot apexes of Cymbidium were excised by aseptic surgery and cultured in vitro. The protocorms thus formed were cut into pieces and sub-cultured repeatedly under severely controlled conditions to get physiologically and morphologically uniform experimental materials. These materials were cultured in vitro, and then the characteristics of their reproduction and organogenesis, and the influence of growth regulating substances on them were studied.
1. The processes of the organogenesis out of protocorm-pieces were studied with 47 forma of Cymbidium which were classified into 8 types.
2. It was pointed out that, according to the type of organogenesis and also to the purpose of proliferation, specific media should be used for respective cases.
3. With the material of type 2, research was done with respect to the effects of growth regulating substances on the proliferation of protocorms and on the formation and growth of shoots and roots. In addition, effective substances to be added to culture medi and their proper concentrations were recommended. It was proved that the effects of growth regulating substances were different between liquid and solid media, even when the same amounts of medium were added.

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