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Induction of Flowering with Oil-coated Calcium Carbide in Pineapples
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1983 Volume 52 Issue 3 Pages 280-285


The effect of application of the mixture of acetylene and water on the induction of flowering in pineapples varies greatly from day to day. This variation seems to be related to the diffusion of acetylene affected by air temperature and wind velocity. To overcome the situation we developed a method using oil-coated calcium carbide which would slowly release acetylene when coming in contact with water.
Oil-coated calcium carbide was prepared as follows. Three hundred thirty grams of soybean oil was heated to 220_??_250°C, and 1kg of calcium carbide (1_??_3mm in diameter) was poured into it and mixed for 10_??_15 minutes, keeping the temperature at 220_??_250°C. Then, the mixture was exposed to the air for 40_??_60 minutes for oxidative polymerization. When 50ml of water was poured on 1g of the oil-coated calcium carbide in 1min, the carbide was separated from the oil and began to evolve acetylene gas about 1h after. The evolution of acetylene continued for 8h. While, the uncoated carbide evolved acetylene only in 2min.
The application of the oil-coated carbide at 1g per plant induced flowers in pineapples at higher rates with less daily fluctuation of its effect than that of the mixture of acetylene and water in both cool and hot season, although they were comparatively less effective in the latter.

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