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Relationship between Endogenous Hormone and Nutrient Levels in shoot Apices of Tomato and Occurrence of Fruit Malformation, and its Control by Auxin Spray and Nutritional Restrictions
Takashi HOSOKIKatsumi OHTATadashi ASAHIRAKiyoshi OHTA
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1985 Volume 54 Issue 3 Pages 351-356


The levels of endogenous hormones and nutrients in shoot apices of tomato plant were compared between the seedlings exposed to high and low temperature conditions in relation with occurrence of fruit malformation. The amounts of total sugar, total nitrogen, proteinous nitrogen in the seedlings grown at low temperaturecondition were greater than those in the seedlings grown at high temperature condition. The low level of auxin and high level of gibberellin were noticed in the seedlings grown under low temperature condition.
Nutritional restrictions reduced occurrence of fruit malformation by decreasing ovary split rather than oblate and triangular shaped fruits. The treatment combined with auxin spray and nutritional restrictions reduced the occurrence of both ovary split and oblate/triangular shaped fruits.

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