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New Means of Phalaenopsis Propagation with Internodal Sections of Flower Stalk
Yoshiyuki HOMMATadashi ASAHIRA
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1985 Volume 54 Issue 3 Pages 379-387


Internodal sections at upper parts of flower stalks were used for clonal propagation of Phalaenopsis tissue culture. Around 100 days after explanting, 50 to 80% of these explants produced PLBs (protocorm like bodies) at their basal end. During several times of subculturing, these PLBs proliferated and grew into plantlets. Supplement of 10% coconut milk, 5mg/l α-naphtaleneacetic acid and 20mg/l 6-benzylaminopurine to the basal medium consisting of macro elements of Thomale GD (1954), minor elements and organic addenda of Ringe and Nitsch (1968), increased formation rate of PLBs. The primordia of PLB seem to initiate in the inner part of cortex. In this method, at least 400 PLBs and shoots will be obtained from one stalk in the first year.

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