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Structural Characteristic of “Pause of Time Interval” for Punctuation Marks is Put for Information of Sentence Structure by Transliteration-Person
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The purpose of this study is to show the characteristic of “pause of time interval” that is put into the speech when Transliteration-Person reads books out to visually impaired people. Transliteration-Person needs to express also what kind of structure it is as well as to read symbolic language on books out. It may be presumed that “pause of time interval” plays an important role such that auditory sentence structure makes similar to visual sentence structure. So, we focused on punctuation marks and made an experiment comparing 5 skilled Transliteration-Persons with 4 beginner Transliteration-Persons. The result of our experiment shows that “pause of time interval” for punctuation marks is paralinguistic information putting in their speech to construct auditory sentence structure, because the skilled Transliteration-Persons put in their speech different “pause of time interval” to play 2 different type of sentence structure.

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