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Toward a Science of Innovation
- Ontology of Artifacts and Abduction -
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When we make an innovation, we have to modify a philosophical view of the world on which our thought and conduct base tacitly. However, we are confronted by two difficulties in order to do such an innovation. The first is an ontological problem that we cannot deal with artifacts, which is an amalgamation of matter and spirit, in the traditional ontology. The second is a logical and epistemological problem that we cannot evaluate a hypothesis making process in the traditional formal logic and the modern epistemology. This paper presents a forecast that a recent philosophical issue ‘Ontology of Artifacts’ would be the key to solve the former and ‘Abduction’ would be the key for the latter. In examining such a forecast, we find that an innovative process in the fashion design provides a notable example. We conclude that those observations and considerations will contribute to establish the Science of Innovation.

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