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Motion Characteristics Analysis Based on Peak Velocity of Drag using Fingertip on Touch Screen
- Evaluation of Distance to Target and Direction of Drag -
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This study aimed to obtain knowledge for improving usability through motion characteristics analysis based on peak velocity of drag on touch screens. We conducted an experiment in which an object was dragged to a target position. The drag direction and distance were adopted as experimental factors. Ten subjects participated in this study; their average age was 23.6 years. The results showed that the fingertip movement for drag corresponded well with the performance model based on Fitts’ law, and the usability decreased under the conditions with relatively long distance excepting the right direction. The peak velocity of dragging was almost linearly related to the distance to the target and was higher in the horizontal direction than in the vertical direction. Since the corrective movement for positioning at the target accounted for more than half of the drag movement, operation support for the corrective movement may improve usability.

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