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Vol. 75 (2009) No. 7 P 902-907




In this paper, it is described that it makes the basic characteristics of electrolyzed water of dilute NaCl clear. First, the structure and the characteristic of the equipment which makes electrolyzed water were described. At the same time, the way of making electrolyzed water of dilute NaCl were described. The equipment of the electrolyzed water for this study is the type which has 3 bathtubs. Next, as for the relation between the electrolytic-current and the characteristics of electrolyzed water, it made clear experimentally. In the same way, it made the change of the characteristics of electrolyzed water by the elapse in the time clear. Also, it measured about the dissolution hydrogen concentration and the hydrogen grade scale in electrolytically reduced water, and the dissolution oxygen concentration in electrolytically oxidized water, too. Lastly, using the etching experimental results to the oxygen-free copper material, it proved the characteristics of electrolytically oxidized water.

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