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Vol. 82 (2016) No. 7 p. 697-702




This paper describes the removal of surface oxidation layer of oxygen free copper using Na2SO4 electrolyzed oxidizing water (It abbreviates as EO water). First, the etching characteristics of Na2SO4 EO water against the test pieces surface was clarified using H2SO4 solution and NaCl EO water for comparative immersion experiments. The results showed that as for etching efficiency on the surface of heating processing, Na2SO4 EO water is same as H2SO4 solution and NaCl EO water, and on the surface of non-heating, Na2SO4 EO water was superior compared with H2SO4 solution. Next, by the observation using SEM image, the influence of Na2SO4 EO water on the surface shape was clarified. The results indicated that when using Na2SO4 EO water and H2SO4 solution compared with NaCl EO water, the alien substances occurs in the surface of heating processing. Lastly, as for the test pieces after heating processing, it did the surface oxidation layer removal experiment by the immersion. The results showed that Na2SO4 EO water can remove the surface oxidation layer like the H2SO4 solution and NaCl EO water, and if using Na2SO4 EO water compared with NaCl EO water, there are few levels of contamination by chlorine.

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