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Examination of Transformation Processes of Tripartite Relationships in the Mental Training
Mayumi ItoNorishige Toyoda
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Volume 44 (2017) Issue 1 Pages 53-67

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The purpose of this study was to qualitatively examine tripartite relationships in the mental training (MT), and to analyze the process of relationship change, in order to suggest directions for future psychological research. Participants were seven female high school athletes who attended MT sessions, one male training coach, and one female MT coach. Expressions used to complete sentences describing impressions of MT were considered as data describing participantsʼ experiences of MT. Participantsʼ verbal utterances during MT sessions (recorded with a voice recorder and transcribed, with their consent) were considered as utterance data. Data were analyzed using the Modified Grounded Theory Approach; concepts and categories were extracted. Results indicated that the relationships between high school athletes and the training coach were reflected through the following processes: 1) depending on one another, 2) attempting to compromise, 3) development of misunderstanding, and 4) accepting removal. The MT coach’s viewpoints toward high school athletes and the training coach were reflected through the following processes: 1) feelings of uncertainty toward the relationship, 2) grasping individual issues, 3) grasping general issues, and 4) recognizing one’s role. In addition, a change occurs in the relationship of high school athletes and the training coach with the MT coach due to changes in perceived distance and position, and a gap occurs between them. They work on each problem with a shift in viewpoint.

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