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Vol. 29 (2016) No. 3 p. 150-155




The effectiveness of using a sensory flap to reconstruct soft tissue defects in the plantar area remains unknown. We performed reconstruction procedures using the sensory free anterolateral thigh flap in four male patients with soft tissue defects of the plantar area from 2013 to 2015. Sensory nerve coaptation was carried out in all cases. The mean age of the four patients was 44.3 years ( range, 24-66 years ), the mean defect size was 147.9 cm2 ( range, 84-198 cm2 ), and the mean follow-up period was 16 months ( range, 9-24 months ). All of the flaps survived. The restoration of sensation allowed the patients to start performing activities of daily living relatively quickly. The patients were able to walk without support two months after the surgery, and none of them experienced acute pain, tylomas, or ulceration. In two cases, perception disappeared from the affected region during treatment with anticancer medication. The results of our study showed that sensory reconstruction should be performed if possible.

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