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Journal of Kansai Physical Therapy
Vol. 2 (2002) P 25-40



Main Theme 1: Normal Movement

There are various movements in our daily life. In this chapter, we considered standing-up from the following viewpoints: 1) Consideration of the literature: We consider normal "standing-up" from the kinematical viewpoint as mentioned in the each literature. 2) Consider the analysis of "standing-up" with the emphasizes on movement (the accent): We understand the influence of the other parts on the body with the emphasis on "standing-up", and we understand the difference between the normal "standing-up" and emphasized "standing-up". 3) Consideration from the "standing-up" analysis of each disease: After analyzing "standing-up" ralated to each disease, we compared it with emphasized movements and considered each relationship (similarity, common points, points of difference). There are various movements in our daily life. If we can understand "standing-up" which is common in our daily life. we can predict the other normal movements and the movements of patients with various diseases, and we can treat diseases early. Although "standing-up" is the basic movement in locomotion, we must not limit understanding to this. Because we can understand whole movements in more detail by considering the abovementioned viwepoints.

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