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Journal of Light & Visual Environment
Vol. 31 (2007) No. 3 P 128-133




It is expected that in the future white LEDs will be widely used in practical applications including replacing conventional lighting in offices and homes. The white LED light source of matrix arrangement is also considered in it. On the other hand, although now the unified glare rating (UGR) is widely used for evaluation of the discomfort glare of the interior lighting, UGR is a thing for a uniform light source, and its application to the matrix light sources that have non-uniform luminance has not been considered. The aim of this study is to clarify the position index which is one of element of UGR for the matrix light source. In this case, to apply the position index for a matrix light source to UGR, the concept of the revised position index is invented. As the preliminary experiment, method for measuring the position index was conducted, and as the experiment, position index for the matrix light source was conducted and compared with the uniform light source. The results of the experiments show that the position index is decided by the relative angle between line of sight and light source. It is also found that the matrix light source have larger position index than uniform light source. Furthermore, it is shown that the discomfort glare caused by a matrix light source can be evaluated by applying the revised position index to the UGR.

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