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External Measurements of the Japanese Wild Boar (Sus scrofa leucomystax TEMMINCK)
—Regression of Its Physical Constitution and Allometry—
Mikiko ABE
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1986 Volume 11 Issue 3-4 Pages 147-154


In this study, bodies of the recent wild boars were measured, and the following five external measurements were analysed to presume their physical constitution.
The body weight without viscera averaged 37.5 kg (range, 6.0-100.0 kg) in the male, 27.1 kg (range, 6.0-75.0 kg) in the female. The average of the head and body length was 106.0 cm (range, 60.0-151.0 cm) for the male, 99.2 cm (range, 60.0-135.0 cm) for the female. The withers height was 58.0 cm on an average (range, 32.0-85.0 cm) in the male, 54.0 cm (range, 33.0-78.0 cm) in the female. The average of the tail length was 13.6 cm (range, 6.5-22.0 cm) in the male, 12.6 cm (range, 7.0-19.5 cm) in the female. The average of the ear length was about 8.0 cm (range, 5.0-11.0 cm) for both sexes.
Next, the wild boars used were divided into the juvenile group with a pair of the deciduous canines, and the adult group with a pair of the premanent ones. In the juvenile group there was no significant difference between both sexes in the measurements except for the head and body length, although in the adult group a significant sexual difference (p<0.01) was present.
At last, based on the linear regression and the allometry formulae, it seems possible to estimate the physical constitution using the measurement of each character.

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