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Bat Fauna in Osorezan District, Aomori Prefecture
Kazuhiko MACHIDATakashi SAITOAkira OOYAGIShigeki INOUETakeshi SAITO
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1986 Volume 11 Issue 3-4 Pages 173-181


A faunal survey of bats in Osorezan district, Aomori Prefecture in 1979-1982, revealed inhabitation of the following eight species belonging to five genera; Rhinolophus cornutus cornutus, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum nippon, Myotis hosonoi, Myotis frater kaguyae, Myotis macrodactylus, Vespertilio superans, Pipistrellus endoiandMurina silvatica. Among them, P. endoiconstitutes a new record in Aomori Prefecture.My. hosonoiandMu. silvaticawere the most common species in this district. Dominant species differed with different study areas. Most of the specimens ofP. endoiandMy. macrodactyluswere caught over rivers. In forests, the f aunal composition and the number of bats were poor. The activity of bats in summer showed one large peak between the times of 19: 00 and 21: 00 and two small peaks between 22: 00 and 23: 00 and between 4: 00 and 5: 00. It seems that the following six species were lactating in mid-August ; R. c. cornutus, My. hosonoi, My. f. kaguyae, My. macrodactylus, P, endoiandMu. silvatica. Newly weaned young of the following four species had foraging flights in mid-August; My. hosonoi, My. macrodactylus, P. endoi and Mu. silvatica.

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