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Taxonomic status of Crocidura dsinezumi orii
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1961 Volume 2 Issue 1 Pages 17-22


An imperfect body with a complete skull of Crocidura dsinezumi orii Kuroda 1924, was found in a stomach of Trimeresurus okinavensis, which was colleced in July, 1960 by Mr. T. Morita and Dr. K. Koba at Yuwandake, Amami-Oshima, Japan. It is the second and unique specimen of orii, because this form has only been known by a type, a skin and an imperfect skull, collected in 1922 and destroyed by fire in 1945. The second specimen, adult male, is easily distinguished from russula, sodyi, tanakae, thornasi, dsinezumi, umbrina, chisai, shantungensis, watasei and tadae by relatively longer fur of the back (6.0-6.5 mm against 2.5×5.0 mm), decidedly larger claws of manus (2.7 mm against 1.1-1.8 mm), much shorter braincase (nearly circular against oblong), and posteriorly located posterior border of anteorbital foramen and anterior extremity of orbit. Therefore, this form may not be a subspecies of dsinezumi but a distinct species, Crocidura orii, peculiar to the small island.

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