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The so-called Foramen incisivum and Fissura palatina of Perissodactyla and some other mammals
Yoshinori IMAIZUMI
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1965 Volume 2 Issue 5 Pages 131-135


The so-called Fissura palatina of Equus, broadly used in the veterinary anatomy, is undoubtedly homologous with the Foramen incisivum of Homo sapiens. The latter seems to be derived from the pared incisive foramina of the lower Primates by reduction of the size of the incisive foramina and reduction of the palatine processes between the foramina and the Fissura palatina of Equus by an enormous development of the processes. Therefore the Fissura palatina of Equus must be strictly called Foramen incisivum. On the other hand, the so-called Foramen incisivum of Equus is a quite different structure and has no concern with the same named foramen of human anatomy. Therefore, the author wants to designate such a foramen between the medial border of the palatal portion of the premaxillaries as Foramen intermaxillare. Such a small foramen is not infrequently found in Mogera, Microtus, Rattus, and etc. An enormous foramen, posterior to Foramen incisivum, found in Ursidae-and some Mustelidae, is also considered to be Foramen intermaxillare, because it is bordered completely by the palatal process of the premaxillaries.

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