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Including clinic-based English education in dental curriculum, supplemented by e-learning
Naoko SekiJanelle MorossYuna KanamoriMasayo SunagaAtsuhiro KinoshitaIkuko Morio
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2021 年 68 巻 p. 55-61


This study aimed to construct proposals for improving dental English education by assessing the need and importance of dental English proficiency in practical settings and how e-learning might supplement such education in Japan. With the understanding that the dental English education in the Japanese undergraduate dental curricula has been under addressed, computer-assisted simulation modules have been developed. Fourteen fourth-year dental undergraduates were given access to these clinical settings’ modules, designed to take learners through decision-making processes for emergency services with the added bonus of learning dental English. Pre- and post-quizzes, a post-questionnaire, and self-rating scale were used to assess the knowledge gained and the perceived need for dental English. Post-quiz scores were significantly higher than the pre-quiz scores (p=0.004), and the questionnaire results (response rate of 100%) provided favorable feedback for this learning method. Results indicated that for improved learning outcome, the interlacing of dental English learning opportunities alongside the regular Japanese dental courses might be the best-case scenario. Practical knowledge and skills, both in one’s native tongue and English, were important; and that increasing the amount of clinical/practical training in English may be necessary, while e-learning might be a suitable method for supplementing current dental English education deficiency.

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