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Nerve fibers that were not stained with the non-specific acetylcholinesterase (NsAchE) method, and TRPV1- and IB4-positive nerve fibers in the rat cornea
Hiroshi NakagawaAkio HiuraMasato MitomeKazunori Ishimura
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2009 Volume 56 Issue 3,4 Pages 157-165


Previously, we noticed the presence of nerve fiber-like structures in a whole mount preparation of the rat cornea that had not been stained with the non-specific acetylcholinesterase (NsAchE) method. These nerve-like fibers were projected into the central area of the cornea, forming a mesh-like pattern. The aim of this study is to examine the properties of these mesh-like fibers using the following two methods: their sensitivity to capsaicin and the detection of isolectin B4 (IB4)- and capsaicin receptor TRPV1 (transient receptor potential vanilloid 1)-reactivities. The mean disappeared area of non-stained fibers after NsAchE treatment was 26% of the total areas in the neonatally capsaicin-treated cornea. Bunches composed of fine IB4-positive nerve fibers were seen in a whole mount preparation. There were connections between the bunches, producing a mesh-like pattern similar to that of the fibers that were not stained with NsAchE. Fine TRPV1-immunoreactive (ir) nerve fibers were also shown to form bunches, with connections between each bunch observed in whole mount preparations. Thus, TRPV1-ir nerve fibers seem to densely innervate the rat corneal subepithelial stroma and are distinct from the NsAchE-positive nerve fibers. The TRPV1-ir fine nerve fibers overlapped with the IB4-positive nerve fibers, suggesting that the mesh-like fibers that were not stained with NsAchE are fine nociceptive sensory nerve fibers because of their sensitivity to capsaicin and similar distribution pattern to IB4- and TRPV1-positive nerve fibers. J. Med. Invest. 56: 157-165, August, 2009

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