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Criterion-related Validity of the Perceived Inventory of Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing (PITCCN) in Acute Care Settings
Mie MiyamotoHirokazu ItoMisao MiyagawaYuko YasuharaTetsuya TaniokaRozzano Locsin
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2019 年 66 巻 1.2 号 p. 42-45


The Perceived Inventory of Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing (PITCCN) based on Locsin's theory of Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing (TCCN, 2005) was developed (Kato et al. 2016) and revised by Miyamoto et al. (2017). The purpose of this study was to verify criterion-related validity of PITCCN using the Practice of Caring Behavior Questionnaire (PCBQ, Shigehisa, 2007). The study was approved by the Ethical Review Board of Tokushima University Hospital. Data were collected from September 2017 to October 2017. Of the 402 questionnaire copies distributed, only 299 copies were returned and analyzed to determine correlations between total score value and Mean Factor Point of each factor for PITCCN and PCBQ. These were analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficients. Statistical significance was at .01 levels. Strong positive correlation coefficient was obtained between total score values (r=.76, p?.01) and factors of PITCCN and PCBQ (r=.19 to .68, p?.01) , except the PITCCN's factor 3 : “Utilization of information obtained from technology and continuous knowing” and PCBQ's factor 6 : “Enriched relationships between patient and nurse”, (r=.13, not significant). From these results, the criterion-related validity of PITCCN as the inventory of TCCN could be confirmed. J. Med. Invest. 66 : 42-45, February, 2019

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