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Notes and Correspondence: Special Edition on Tropical Cyclones in 2015-2016
NICAM Predictability of the Monsoon Gyre over the Western North Pacific during August 2016
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2019 Volume 97 Issue 2 Pages 533-540


 In August 2016, a monsoon gyre persisted over the western North Pacific and was associated with the genesis of multiple devastating tropical cyclones (TCs). A series of hindcast simulations were performed using the nonhydrostatic icosahedral atmospheric model (NICAM) to reproduce the temporal evolution of this monsoon gyre. The simulations that were initiated at dates during the mature stage of the monsoon gyre successfully reproduced its termination and the subsequent intensification of the Bonin high, whereas the simulations initiated before the formation and during the developing stage of the gyre failed to reproduce subsequent gyre evolution even at a short lead time. These experiments further suggest a possibility that the development of the Bonin high is related to the termination of the monsoon gyre. The high predictability of the termination is likely due to the predictable midlatitudinal signals that intensify the Bonin high.

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