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Large-scale Sea Ice, Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies in the Northwestern North Pacific and their Significance for Foreshadowing the Weather in Northern Japan and Far Eastern USSR
I. I. Schell
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1972 Volume 50 Issue 6 Pages 542-557


A composite and individual years analysis of the large-scale anomalies in the ice limit in the Okhotsk Sea during the December-March quarter, was made in relation to the contemporary and following April-June, July-September, October-December pressure distribution, storm frequency, temperature and precipitation in northern Japan and Far Eastern USSR.
The results obtained show that years with severe (light) ice conditions in the Okhotsk Sea are associated with a greater (lesser) frequency of storms, below (above) average temperatures and lighter (heavier) precipitation in northern Japan and Far Eastern USSR in the December- March and also the following April-June periods in keeping with the temporal coherence of the circulation or its persistence.
The results obtained further show a complex pattern of temperature and rainfall in the July- September quarter as a reaction to the imbalance in the circulation imposed by the inertia during the preceding December-June period; and a pattern of circulation, temperature and precipitation the following October-December quarter similar to that in the preceding December- June period as a reassertion of the original pattern due to the still unexpended inertia, and hence, of significance for foreshadowing (in limited cases) the April-June and October-December weather of northern Japan and Far Eastern USSR, from a consideration of the ice conditions the previous December-March period.
A similar analysis based on anomalies of sea surface temperatures off northeastern Japan showed little relationship.

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