Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II
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A Simple Diagnostic Model for the 30-50 Day Oscillation in the Tropics
Toshio YamagataYoshikazu Hayashi
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1984 Volume 62 Issue 5 Pages 709-717


A theoretical discussion is given of the structure of observed 30-50 day atmospheric oscillation in the tropics by the use of a simple linear diagnostic model based on primitive, shallow water, β-plane equations with the long wave approximation. It is assumed that this oscillation is forced by a localized heat source pulsating with a 40-day period. The response of the model shows that the zonal wind oscillation consists of a standing wave with a phase jump in the region of heating and traveling waves with slow zonal phase variations elsewhere. The pressure field is, however, not associated with a phase jump in agreement with observations.

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