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Correlation between the CT Perfusion Parameter Values and Response to Recanalization in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
Sakyo HiraiHirotaka SatoToshihiro YamamuraKoichi KatoMariko IshikawaHirotaka SagawaJiro AoyamaShoko FujiiKyohei FujitaToshinari AraiKazutaka Sumita
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論文ID: oa.2022-0026


Objective: CT perfusion (CTP) provides various hemodynamic parameters. However, it is unclear which CTP parameters are useful in predicting clinical outcome in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS).

Methods: Between February 2019 and June 2021, patients with anterior circulation large-vessel occlusion who achieved successful recanalization within 8 hours after stroke onset were included. The relative CTP parameter values analyzed by the reformulated singular value decomposition (SVD) method in the affected middle cerebral artery territories compared to those in the unaffected side were calculated. In addition, the ischemic core volume (ICV) was evaluated using a Bayesian Vitrea. The final infarct volume (FIV) was assessed by 24-hour MRI. The correlation between these CTP-derived values and clinical outcome was assessed.

Results: Forty-two patients were analyzed. Among the CTP-related parameters, the ICV, relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV), and relative mean transit time (rMTT) showed a strong correlation with the FIV (ρ = 0.74, p <0.0001; ρ = −0.67, p <0.0001; and ρ = −0.66, p <0.0001, respectively). In multivariate analysis, rCBV, rMTT, and ICV were significantly associated with good functional outcome, which was defined as a modified Rankin Scale score ≤2 (OR, 6.87 [95% CI, 1.20–39.30], p = 0.0303; OR, 11.27 [95% CI, 0.97–130.94], p = 0.0269; and OR, 36.22 [95% CI, 2.78–471.18], p = 0.0061, respectively).

Conclusions: Among the CTP parameters analyzed by the SVD deconvolution algorithms, rCBV and rMTT could be useful imaging predictors of response to recanalization in patients with AIS, and the performances of these variables were similar to that of the ICV calculated by the Bayesian Vitrea.

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