Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
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Transient Xenon Analysis in a Molten Salt Breeder Reactor
Yoichiro SHIMAZU
ジャーナル フリー

1977 年 14 巻 11 号 p. 805-810


An evaluation is made to estimate the transient xenon behavior in an MSBR for several representative patterns of operation. Such analysis is indispensable for detailed evaluation of reactivity balance under transient conditions. The results are compared with those of a typical PWR. The xenon behavior does not differ between the two types of reactor to the extent that might be expected from the fact that in the MSBR, xenon behavior is additionally conditioned by the processes of migration into the circulating bubbles and into the graphite, as well as by diffusion therein.
It is shown that the reactivity transients due to xenon buildup can be held within the range of counteraction by control rod movement for any normal change of reactor output, so long as the reactor is not shut down. After a shutdown, insertion of the control rods will not suffice to override the xenon buildup, but then the fuel processing system could be conveniently utilized to increase the quantity of 233U contained in the fuel and regain required reactivity of the core.



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