Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
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A Method of Calculation on a Step Cascade with Side Flow for Enriching Uranium
ジャーナル フリー

1972 年 9 巻 12 号 p. 721-726


The step cascade with side flow is defined as a step cascade where uranium of lower assays than that from the final stage is withdrawn, and where also, in addition to the major feed, reprocessed spent uranium is introduced as minor feed. A method of calculation is proposed for finding the exact total flow rate of the stream entering the separators in a step cascade with side flow in steady state and without losses of uranium.
Using this method of calculation, it is found that the separation factor of diffusers in the new gaseous diffusion plant to be established in the United States is about 1.0022. Moreover, the characteristics are revealed for a step cascade with side flow adopted for a plant treating the estimated amounts of enriched uranium necessary for and uranium discharged from pressurized and boiling water reactors in the nuclear power generating program of Japan in 1985. It has been disclosed from these results of calculation that the method presented here proposes useful means for a detailed design of the plant.



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