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Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology
Vol. 54 (2008) No. 1 P 76-81



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The purpose of this study was to determine whether the growth hormone (GH) affects the rate of brain protein synthesis in hypophysectomized aged rats. Experiments were conducted on three groups of 24-wk-old male rats: group 1 were hypophysectomized to reduce the level of plasma GH, group 2 were hypophysectomized and treated with GH and group 3 were sham-operated controls. The fractional rates of protein synthesis in the brains of hypophysectomized rats with GH were significantly greater than those in hypophysectomized rats without GH. In the cerebral cortex and cerebellum, the RNA activity [g protein synthesized/(g RNA·d)] significantly correlated with the fractional rate of protein synthesis (r>0.88, p<0.001). The RNA concentration (mg RNA/ g protein) was also related to the fractional rate of protein synthesis in these organs (r>0.56, p<0.05). The results suggest that the treatment of GH to hypophysectomized aged rats is likely to increase the rate of protein synthesis in the brain, and that RNA activity is at least partly related to the fractional rate of brain protein synthesis.

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