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Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology
Vol. 54 (2008) No. 2 P 154-162



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This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of isoenergetic and increased amounts of egg white protein one hour before a run on the changes in the post-exercise blood biochemistry and the rating of the perceived exertion (RPE). Twenty-four male distance runners were divided into four groups. Venous blood samples were collected at three time points: just before the experiment (Pre), just after a 12,000 m run (Post 0 h) and one hour after the run (Post 1 h). After the first blood sampling, each participant consumed one of the four isoenergetic supplements (86 kcal); 0 g, 5 g, 10 g, or 20 g of egg white protein. The blood glucose, free amino acid, and branched chain amino acid (BCAA) levels in the 0 g, 5 g, and 10 g protein groups were higher at Post 0 h than at Pre. The pre-exercise intake of the 20 g protein group showed the smallest changes in the blood biochemicals. The RPE scores were significantly higher at Post 0 h, and did not vary among the four protein groups. Accordingly, the pre-exercise carbohydrate intakes significantly altered the post-exercise blood biochemisty findings, but the pre-exercise protein intake did not. Furthermore, the changes in the RPE scores in our present study were not explained by changes in the serum free tryptophan or the BCAA levels, and an increased dietary intake of egg white protein might not prevent post-exercise increases in the RPE scores.

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