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Association of Skin Carotenoid Score and Food Intake among School Children: A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Study
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2022 Volume 68 Issue 2 Pages 127-130


This study aimed to evaluate the associations between skin carotenoid measurements and fruit and vegetables intake among school children. We conducted a cross-sectional study for 10-y-old children in 2020 in Japan. We compared the optical skin carotenoid score, measured using Veggie Meter®, and food intake, based on a self-administered questionnaire. Among the 328 children who were registered in the three primary schools, 321 (97.9%) agreed to undergo skin carotenoid measurements. None of the children were unable to undergo the examination or experienced any adverse events. Among the 321 children who underwent skin carotenoid measurements, 315 (96.0%) responded to the questionnaire. The baseline characteristics showed that 160 (50.8%) children were boys. The median (interquartile range) skin carotenoid score was 335 (277–407) points. The minimum and maximum scores were 138 and 822 points, respectively, and the mean score (standard deviation) was 349 (104) points. The multivariable model showed a higher intake of fruits and green-yellow vegetables and more exercises were independently associated with higher skin carotenoid scores. We showed positive associations between higher skin carotenoid scores and higher intake of fruits and green-yellow vegetables and more exercise. The skin carotenoid score could be used to promote better food intake among children.

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