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Prostaglandin E1-induced Hypotension : Its Effect on Rate of Cerebrospinal Fluid Formation in Anesthetized Cats
Norihide FUJITA
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1993 Volume 27 Issue 2 Pages 67-76


Although prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), a potent vasodilator, is known to affect cerebral vasculature, its effects on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) dynamics have yet to be determined. Accordingly, this experiment was designed to investigate the rate of CSF formation (Vf), intracranial pressure (ICP), sagittal sinus pressure (SSP), carotid blood flow (CaBF), and regional cerebral blood flow (r-CBF) in anesthetized cats during and after decrease of arterial pressure induced by intravenous PGE1.
It was found that there were no significant changes in Vf, ICP, or SSP during deliberately induced PGE1 hypotension. r-CBF was maintained during induced hypotensive states regardless of diminished CaBF. Findings indicated that under experimental conditions employed here, PGE1 does not significantly affect dynamics of ICP. PGE1 therefore appears potentially useful for purposes of deliberate induction of hypotension during general anesthesia.

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