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College students with high academic performance do not choose front­-row seats in the classroom
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 51 巻 2 号 p. 151-156


The seating location in the classroom is thought to have a close relationship to the aca­ demic performance of each student. However, as teachers taking part in higher educa­ tion, we know that "common sense" must give way to many exceptional cases. To verify the truth of this widely held belief, we recorded the students' seating locations at a den­ tal hygiene college for many years, and correlated this information with their academic performance. As the rooms in which they were taught were identical, and the seating ar­ rangements were consistent throughout the years, it allowed us to analyze the data in a single environment. Many studies have reported that although students with poor grades sit in "low interaction" seats, students with good grades do not select "high interaction"seats, but rather prefer to occupy "moderate interaction" seats. Average or middle stu­ dents tended to have no favored location. We were not able to correlate each student's academic performance with her preferred seating location, especially in the case of high performing students. However, the pre­ ferred seating location for students with poor grades tended to follow commonly ac­ cepted norms which have been described in many reports. Our findings suggest that stu­ dents who are at risk of failing could be determined by where they sit in the classroom. This helps to identify the potentially unsuccessful candidates, and permits remedial ac­ tion at an early stage. (J Osaka Dent Univ 2017; 51: 151­-156)

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