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Effects of Electromagnetic Field on Free-Radical Processes in Steelworkers.
Part I: Magnetic Field Influence on the Antioxidant Activity in Red Blood Cells and Plasma
Boguslaw KULAAndrzej SOBCZAKRafal KUSKA
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2002 Volume 44 Issue 4 Pages 226-229


The purpose of the study was the evaluation of electromagnetic field (electric field strength of 20 V/m, f=50 Hz and magnetic field strength of 2 A/m, f=50 Hz) effects on the antioxydative activity in steelworkers’ red blood cells and plasma. The plasma GSH-Px (EC activity, MDA and ceruloplasmin levels as well as SOD (EC, CAT (EC and GSH-Px (EC in red blood cells were measured. Statistically significant decreases in red blood cells SOD and GSH-Px activities, a CAT activity increase and plasma MAD increase and a ceruloplasmin decrease were found in workers exposed for 3-10 yr and for longer than 10 yr to electromagnetic fields. No statistically significant changes in the parameters evaluated were found among steelworkers employed for shorter than 3 yr. All changes observed among workers exposed to electromagnetic fields result in adaptative responses by activating systems controlling the balance of body oxidative mechanisms.

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