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Application of aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) Genetic Diagnosis in Support of Decreasing Alcohol Intake
Yasuhiro KomiyaHiroyuki NakaoYoshiki KurodaKatsuyuki ArizonoAi NakaharaTakahiko Katoh
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Volume 48 (2006) Issue 3 Pages 161-165

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Encouraging behavioral changes to decrease alcohol intake is not easy from the standpoint of health support. This study was conducted to examine whether the genetic diagnosis of ALDH2 polymorphism is useful in supporting those who want to decrease their alcohol intake. The participants in this study were 329 male employees who wanted to know the result of their ALDH2 genotype. We divided the 329 participants randomly into two groups. One was the "notified group" (n=157), and the other was the "non-notified group" (n=172). The subjects belonging to the "notified group" were informed of the results of the ALDH2 genotype diagnosis in April, 2003. Drinking habits and laboratory data were obtained before and after notification of the ALDH2 genotype. Among those with genotype ALDH2*1/*1, there was no significant change in drinking frequencies, nor was there any significant decline in liver function laboratory data in either of the groups before and after notification of the genotype. However, weekly alcohol intake tended to increase compared to that before notification. On the other hand, with regard to those with genotype ALDH2*1/*2, no significant changes in drinking frequencies or liver function laboratory data were evident in either group before and after notification of the genotype. However, the weekly alcohol intake tended to increase in the non-notified group, whereas it tended to decrease in the notified group. Although the result was not significant, it is suggested that, with further study and an increased sample size, the genetic diagnosis may be found to be useful.

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