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Effect of lead salt on mobilization of bone mineral in vitro
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1977 Volume 19 Issue 3 Pages 458-462


The present study was an attempt to investigate the mechanism of interaction between lead acetate (Pb-Ac) and bone minerals. The experiment was carried out to compare the changes of calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P) and/or lead (Pb) contents in the medium by in vitro system after shaking 100mg of bone powder (50-100 mesh) in 2ml serum with Pb-Ac in various conditions. The samples of bone and serum were obtained from the Wistar strain rats weighing from 450 to 550g. After 30 min shaking with a mechanical shaker, the Ca and P mobilized from bone mineral fraction increased correlating with the dose of Pb-Ac added into the medium. The correlation coefficients between Ca and Pb (r=0.98), P and Pb (r=0.98), and Ca and P (r=0.99) were always significantly different from zero (p<0.05). The increasing rates of both Ca and P in the medium after 10 sec shaking with Pb-Ac were about 39% and 46% of the each maximum increasing value observed after 30 min shaking, respectively. These results suggest that the rapid increase of Ca and P contents in medium may be produced by a direct action of Pb upon bone minerals.

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