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Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Effect of Metal Ions on the Hydrolytic and Transesterification Activities of Candida rugosa Lipase
Madhu KatiyarAmjad Ali
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Volume 62 (2013) Issue 11 Pages 919-924

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In order to study the effect of metal ions on lipase activity, hydrolytic and transesterification activities of Candida rugosa lipase were investigated in presence of alkali (Na+ and K+), alkaline earth (Ca+2 and Ba+2) and transition (Cr+3, Fe+3, Co+2, Cu+2 and Ni+2) metal ions. Maximum enhancement in hydrolytic activity of lipase was observed by Ca+2, and in transesterification activity by Cr+3 and Co+2. The kinetics of the lipase catalyzed transesterification (methanolysis and ethanolysis) reactions were also studied, and the activation energies of methanolysis and ethanolysis were reduced from 10.16 and 10.24 kcal mol–1, respectively, to 5.41 and 7.55 kcal mol–1, respectively, when reactions were performed in presence of Co+2. Thus, in lipase catalyzed transesterification Cr+3 or Co+2 could be added to the assay in order to produce the biodiesel in relatively shorter reaction duration.

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